1: "Grey's Anatomy Theory Reveals The Only Way For Izzie and Karev To Return In Season 20"

2: "Fans speculate a surprising twist could bring back Izzie and Karev after their mysterious exits."

3: "The theory suggests a special event could reunite the beloved characters with the Grey Sloan team."

4: "Viewers are eager to see if show creator Shonda Rhimes will give Izzie and Karev a happy ending."

5: "Could a medical emergency or family crisis bring Izzie and Karev back to Seattle Grace?"

6: "Fans are buzzing with excitement over the possibility of an Izzie and Karev comeback in Season 20."

7: "Will the show explore new storylines or revisit past relationships for Izzie and Karev's return?"

8: "Speculation mounts as fans eagerly await news of Izzie and Karev's potential return to Grey Sloan."

9: "Stay tuned for updates on the Grey's Anatomy theory that may reveal the fate of Izzie and Karev in Season 20."