1: 1. Jessica Pearson faces betrayal and redemption. 2. Zoe Burke returns with a shocking agenda. 3. Pearson stakes her claim in Chicago.

2: 1. Pearson confronts her shady past. 2. Tony woes and sows seeds of discord. 3. Keri Allen faces a career crossroads.

3: 1. Jessica and Jeff's bond is tested. 2. Gibson's revelation rocks the firm. 3. Angela faces a life-changing decision.

4: 1. Pearson struggles to stay ahead. 2. A fiery power struggle ignites. 3. Jessica unveils her master plan.

5: 1. Jeff's true colors are exposed. 2. Yoli defends her family's honor. 3. The truth behind Bobby's vendetta.

6: 1. Pearson fights for her legacy. 2. Keri's betrayal hits close to home. 3. Angela's star rises in the firm.

7: 1. Jessica's resolve is put to the test. 2. The fallout from Jeff's ultimatum. 3. Zoe's shocking confession revealed.

8: 1. Pearson's empire hangs in the balance. 2. Daniel confronts his inner demons. 3. A dangerous alliance is formed.

9: 1. Jessica's journey comes full circle. 2. Tony's final act shocks everyone. 3. The ultimate betrayal rocks Pearson Specter Litt.