1: Meredith donates part of her liver to her estranged father, giving him a second chance at life.

2: She takes in her half-sister, Lexie, and supports her through medical school and beyond.

3: Meredith mentors Jo through her tough times and helps her become a successful surgeon.

4: She helps Izzie through her cancer battle, even when they were at odds.

5: Meredith adopts Zola, a baby with a difficult medical background, giving her a loving home.

6: She stands by Derek during his struggles with PTSD and supports him in his career.

7: Meredith saves a patient's life by breaking hospital rules in a risky surgery.

8: She gives up her dream job to stay with Derek in Washington D.C., putting his needs first.

9: Meredith fights for justice for her friend, George, even after his death, showing true loyalty.